VFAG December Program


Holiday Red Ruana Show n Tell

 As announced at the May meeting, the VFAG Board has decided to change things up a bit for our Holiday meeting and luncheon. In the past we exchanged hand made gifts, then three years of scarf exchanges. After some thought and consideration we believe it would be fun to give ourselves a gift, a handmade Red Ruana, perfect for the holidays and the cooler weather that follows. It may be felted, knitted, crocheted, woven (see the newest issue of Handwoven magazine, talk about timing), you name it, size doesn’t matter. Think about that, all you mixed media and beading folks!

If you’re not familiar with a Ruana, it is a wrap to cover the shoulders and drape the body. It has many names; American-Spanish Ruana, Mexican Serape, Peruvian Manta to name a few. It is used to keep a person warm, not only as a cloak but as a blanket, it may be wrapped and tied to carry a load of goods, even a baby. A versatile textile of varying sizes, it may be square, rectangular, short or long and most often slit open down the center front. Ruanas were first woven and worn by the poor as they had many utilitarian purpose and they were long wearing. Today’s Ruanas are a fashion statement, so make your statement and celebrate creativity with fellow members December 3rd. Five months to go!

Let me know if you have questions.

Debbi Brunner